Critterfest 2013
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  • Helpful Hints

    - Help out the cause and bring a bag or two of ice!

    - Track the number of beers you drink on the handy scoreboard

    - Bring a bottle opener

    - Check into the Untappd app and rate our beers!

    - Give us your email address to join our mailing list, whenever we get off our collective butt and put one together

    - Purchase official ACB junk

  • I'm a vegetarian, can I still come?

    Yes, you're definitely welcome! However, don't expect to find too many vegetarian options. There will be plenty of vegies to go around and if you don't mind your veggie burger grilling next to meat then feel free to use the grills!

  • Are children allowed?

    Yes they are, but sometimes they're wet and sticky so make sure you put a coaster under them. Also, don't get pissed at me for cussing in front of your f*cking kids. Actually, it would probably be wise to use your own judgment on this one.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Yes, but keep a close eye on them if they are edible. Also, you should expect that your pet will eat his or her own body weight in scraps.

    On a more important note, while the yard is fully fenced, it still has one major flaw... you. The gates may or may not be closed after every patron enters and exits. We can't guarantee that everyone will be a sober and responsible human being and completely shut the gate every pass. Again, use your judgment.

  • Are mice really going to race for our amusement?


  • Can I race my own mouse?

    Yes you can, but all entries need to be submitted by October 20th in order for us to conduct the time trials.

  • What should I bring?

    Sun block
    A bag or two of ice
    A side dish if you desire
    Vegetarian options if you are one
    A spare liver
    Bail money
    More money for mouse racing
    A f*cking winning attitude